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Transforming CDI into the 21st Century

March 20, 2019
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
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Clinical documentation improvement programs as an entity have been in existence for over ten years, remaining constant with very little if any adoption to the increasing needs for more effective and complete documentation in support of value-based reimbursement models and quality reporting. Present CDI processes with their unrelenting focus upon reimbursement related Key Performance Indicators overlook the opportunity to capitalize upon processes to achieve complete and accurate communication of patient care, reduce the administrative burden upon physicians of documenting within the EHR and more closely align and integrate with the revenue cycle. Positive outcomes and return on investment in CDI programs can be amplified and further achieved through strengthening, reengineering, rebranding, reformulating and redirecting present day processes to embrace attainment of documentation representing fully informed, quality focused coordinated care with optimal compliant reimbursement.


Fundamental to transformation of CDI programs into a proactive approach to securing complete and accurate communication of patient care is the redeployment of current CDI staff with the skill sets, core competencies and knowledgebase necessary to create a vision that inspires the entire healthcare team to work in tandem synergistically. The silo approach of CDI operating within a limited scope and function fails to address the root cause of increasing volumes and dollar amounts of costly medical necessity and clinical validation denials and CDI down-codes. A more effective CDI program embraces and operationalizes the concept of a holistic view to documentation improvement that ultimately enhances the quality and completeness of documentation representing the right care at the right time for the right reason in the right venue with the right clinical judgement and medical decision making with the right documentation.



This session will cover why current CDI programs miss the mark in achieving meaningful measurable improvement in documentation over time and outline the crucial steps necessary to transform a CDI program from a reactive to a more efficient outcomes driven approach that represents long-term performance with purpose. Strategizes to consider instrumental to transforming CDI into a program that produces sustainable improvement over time utilizing existing staff with virtually no extra resource costs will be shared with attendees.

Learning Objectives:


  • Understand and quantify the current limitations of present-day CDI programs and the need for immediate change and transformation
  • Define and identify the key stakeholders comprising a truly synergistic model to CDI and what are the roles of each party in the scheme of CDI
  • Outline the skills sets, core competencies and knowledgebase for CDI, case management and utilization review to work in synergy and collaboration to enhance the communication of patient care while driving down costly unnecessary self-inflicted medical necessity and other non-technical denials
  • Describe the ideal best practice operational model to insure CDI performance with purpose that is sustainable over time, driving down avoidable medical necessity and clinical validation denials while optimizing integrity of net patient revene
  • Outline valid and reliable KPIs that measure true meaningful success of a CDI program



Target Audience:

CFOs, Revenue Cycle Directors, Patient Financial Services Leaders, Business Office Managers, CDI Directors and Managers, HIM Directors and Managers, Denials and Appeals Staff and their Leadership

Presenter Bio:



CEO and Founder of


Glenn Krauss is well-recognized and respected subject matter expert in the revenue cycle with a specialized emphasis and focus upon collaborating and working closely with physicians in promoting, advocating for, educating and achieving sustainable improvement in clinical documentation that accurately reflects and reports the communication of fully informed coordinated patient care. His experiences include working with a wide variety of healthcare systems spanning the entire spectrum ranging from critical access hospitals, community hospitals, Federal Qualified Healthcare Centers to large academic medical centers and fully integrated healthcare systems. He possesses twenty-five plus years of progressive practical hands on experience in clinical coding and documentation improvement, subscribing to the philosophy that quality of medical record documentation strongly correlates with overall quality of care achieved and the overall achievement of a high performing revenue cycle. Glenn has demonstrated the unique skill sets and core knowledge of principles and standards in best practices of clinical documentation, effectively and successfully driving physician engagement through proven strategies that create and foster a sustainable model for clinical documentation improvement. What sets Glenn apart in the clinical documentation improvement arena is the recognition of clinical documentation effectiveness, accuracy, completeness and contextual consistency as fundamentally integral and intertwined with all components of the revenue cycle. He is a professional speaker, sought after for speaking engagements throughout the country on a wide variety of cutting edge thought provocative clinical documentation improvement topics and subjects. Glenn has served on the ACDIS Advisory Board as well as founded the WI ACDIS Chapter, leading a very active chapter for six years. The inspiration for creation of Core-CDI was the goal of creating a forum for sharing thought provocative ideas and concepts on all things CDI including an awareness of the opportunity to transform the profession of CDI to one that truly supports the patient and the overall healthcare delivery model.


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